Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The Berlin Beat

The capital of Germany is more than just a historic travel destination; it’s a place that’s worth visiting for its past, present and its future. When you book your flights to Berlin, make sure you allocate enough time to explore the famous past of the city as well as experience the pace at which it is racing into the future.

Berlin’s active history is present throughout the city; so wherever you go in Berlin, you’ll have a glimpse of what happened in the city long back. At the same time, modern buildings, infrastructure and retail stores have made this a very friendly city to visit. Berlin can also be a cheap destination for vacationers because you can get cheap flights to Berlin from most major cities anywhere in the world. 

Book cheap tickets to Berlin by keeping a watch for travel deals with major carriers like Air France or British Airways; this way you can save on airfares. You can also get cheap flight tickets by booking your flights for Berlin’s low season and avoiding the city during peak periods like the New Year’s eve and Berlinale festival. 

Making the best of your Berlin Holiday 

The first attraction that most tourists want to see, though there’s not much of it left, is the Berlin Wall. The Memorial of Berlin Wall at Bernauer Strasse offers a glimpse of the famous divider that separated East and West Berlin. The history of the wall has been documented through videos that you can view in the visitor’s center; this place is a must visit to understand the Berlin of the past. 

Berlin’s museums are world famous and vast in number; get a museum pass to view all the museums you are interested in. The Museuminsel with its five renowned museums is a UNESCO world Heritage site and fascinating to visit. The Ddr Musuem, Kulturforum, Deutsches Historisches Museum and the Topography of Terror are other places worth visiting to get to know Berlin’s infamous history. The Reichstag that now houses the German Parliament is another landmark that you cannot miss. You can combine this with the Brandenburg Gate, DZ Bank and the Holocaust Museum. 

Other key attractions here are the Berliner Dom, Charlottenburg Palace and Hamburger Bahnhof. Kids can have a great time in Berlin with attractions like the Legoland, the Berlin Zoo, Domaene Dahlem and the Tiergarten. The Postdamer Plaza is where the best shopping is and you will surely enjoy the array of dining options here too. 

For many visitors to Berlin, both in the past and now, the nightlife here is its key attraction. Kneipes, as pubs are called, and cabaret shows dominate the scene and to say the nightlife here is pulsating would be an understatement. 

Foodies traveling to Berlin are in for a treat; with delicious local cuisine with dishes like the boulette and currywurst and surprisingly inexpensive dining options, eating can be a major pastime when you are in this city. Restaurants serving cuisines of different places are spread all over the city; so if you want to some Chinese, Thai, Indian or Greek food, you’re sure to get it here. 

With so much to see and an excellent, yet affordable public transport system that’s user-friendly, Berlin can be just the right place for your next vacation.

Monday, 27 August 2012

Moscow - A City With Diverse Geography

Moscow is the capital of Russia. It is not only the largest city in the country but also one of the top ten largest cities in the world. The city exudes dominant influence in the country owing to its status as capital of the country and a dominating presence in fields like politics, culture and economics. Known for its rich culture and art, the city boasts of a unique climate and weather that has a distinctive impact on the lifestyle of people. Positioned in the Central Federal District of the country, the city is located close to the banks of Moskva River from which the city derived its name. With a population of about 149 million, the city spread in an area of about 6.6 million square miles. Besides Moscow, another major city in the country is St. Petersburg.

Diverse geography has blessed the city with unique natural attractions. The northern region of the city extends up to the Arctic Circle, hence experiences frigid climate. All over this area, tundras and forests dot the landscape. Large numbers of lakes are found in this area. There are several mountain ranges in the city that offers a marvelous view of the city skyline. Leading carriers offer several flights to Moscow like Air France offering airline tickets as per passengers’ choice and budget.

The majestic Ural Mountains oversee the city extending in an area about 2,500 miles east to the city. Moreover, there are Caucasus Mountains crossing the city’s southern part extending from the Black Sea and all the way to the Caspian Sea. North European Plains are located on the western fringes of the Ural Mountains. The plains are blessed with rich and fertile soil and grasslands can be seen here.

Plane tickets should be booked well in advance to enjoy a perfect trip to this erstwhile Communist city. Major percentage of population lives in urban areas. The city houses significant landmarks all over the city with architectural splendors in the form of monuments, art galleries and museums.

The meandering city traversing through the city offers several beautiful vantage points from where the beauty of the city can be appreciated. A humid continental climate is experienced by the city with warm summers and cold winters. The temperature varies during summers as well as winters. Sometimes, light frost is also experienced in the night as summers are about to get over. The level of precipitation fluctuates throughout the year.

Snow fall in the city begins in the month of November and starts melting in April. A white Christmas can be celebrated in this city. Cheap flights to Moscow are available for the visitors planning to celebrate Christmas in the city. The whole city covered with snow offers a surreal feeling. Wind storms and cyclones also occur in the city. Availability of cheap tickets to Moscow has offered a chance to plan a vacation to the people visiting on a limited budget.