Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Delhi Attractions that You Should Not Miss

The capital of India is a modern, vibrant and lively city, which is steeped in history and culture. Besides modern amenities, the city is replete with architectural marvels, heritage monuments, shopping areas and recreational opportunities that will delight every vacationer.

With the privatization of domestic airlines, today vacationers can get airline tickets for cheap on airlines that operate from practically all major cities and towns in India. The airport has two terminals, one for international flights and the other domestic flights. Nearly all major airlines, such as Air France and British Airways, have regular flights to Delhi. So reaching this city will never pose a major problem.

If you manage to get cheap tickets to Delhi, you should grab them. This will allow you spend less on your travel and enjoy your vacation even more in the city. You can check with your travel agent for flight deals that include accommodation, travel insurance and airport pickup. This will make your vacation even more affordable and ensure you have more money to spend on shopping and picking up beautiful Indian artifacts and souvenirs.

Be sure to visit India Gate located in the center of the city. It was constructed in 1931 by Edwin Lutyen in the memory of Indian soldiers who were killed during the First World War. Under the gate is the poignant eternal flame that has been burning since 1971. In the night, the gate looks beautiful, as it is lit up.

Many people look for cheap flights to Delhi to be able to see the Red Fort, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was built during the reign of the Mughal Emperor named Shah Jahan and functioned as the royal residence. The fort has two main entrances, namely the Delhi Darwaza and Lahore Darwaza. The fort’s architecture is beautiful and breathtaking.

Another World Heritage Site in the city is the Qutub Minar, which was built in 1386 and towers to a height of 72.5 meters. There are 379 steps leading to the summit of the tower. The architecture of the tower is in the Indo-Islamic style and worth checking out.

Visiting India and not exploring temples is just not possible. The city too has its share of temples and two are pretty popular attractions, namely the Lotus Temple and the Akshardham Temple. The former is shaped like a lotus and was constructed in 1986. The temple does not allow ritualistic worship. Instead people from all faiths are welcome to come and pray in silence and then disperse. The ponds and gardens in the temple ground are great for escaping the hustle and bustle of the city. The Akshardham Temple sits on the banks of Yamuna River and its carvings will enchant you. It took 11,000 artisans to create this beautiful temple, which is so huge that you would have to spend an entire day exploring it.

Finally, there is the Humayun’s Tomb, which is a fabulous example of the Mughal-era architectural style. It was constructed by the widow of the Mughal Emperor Humayun for his mortal remains.


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