Friday, 18 January 2013

A wonderful vacation in Costa Rica!

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Travel to Costa Rica can be simply a great fun. After all, who doesn’t want to visit a country as beautiful as Costa Rica! I had always wanted to visit this fantastic destination which had all the ingredients to make your vacation wonderful. I was traveling from New York. I got cheap tickets on US Airways flights. I reached New York’s LaGuardia International Airport to catch my flights to Costa Rica. After being airborne for a few hours, my flight had finally landed at Juan Santamaría International Airport, the primary airport serving San José, the capital of Costa Rica. The airport is located near the city of Alajuela, 20 km (12 miles) west of downtown San José. The airport has been named after Costa Rica's national hero, Juan Santamaría.

I was visiting Costa Rica for the first time. It would have been rather difficult for me had I not hired a cab with an expert driver. While traveling to my hotel on the car, the street signs were missing. I inquired my driver about this. My driver was a fine gentleman and quite helpful. He told me that neither city nor country areas have any street signs. This was simply queer and amazing, particularly for the first time visitors. This is indeed difficult for a person like me as I would have been lost most of the time. Finally, I reached my hotel, which was not pricey. I had a relaxing and comfortable stay here throughout my journey.

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After spending a sound and peaceful night, I was now prepared to begin my tour the next day. I had a sumptuous breakfast and asked for my driver to take me around for sightseeing. My first stop was at Arenal Volcano. It was a smooth and interesting drive here. Along the way, I got off at a coffee plantation. I was curious to know how the coffee is grown, harvested and processed. The workers at the plantation were nice and friendly, and beautifully explained about the whole process. I thanked myself for gathering knowledge about coffee growing as I didn’t know this before. I also saw a waterfall on the way and asked my driver for a brief stop here. I had a gala time at the waterfall and had local strawberries as well.

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The Arenal Volcano was often hidden by the clouds, as it appeared that day. Usually, the volcano is visible when the sky is clear. The volcano was active and I could hear the rumble at intervals and the sound of the falling rocks. I was now feeling hungry and had a great lunch. I was eager to see the lava flowing, which was proving to be difficult. I was suggested to stay overnight in the nearby town as most tourists usually do to see the lava flow from the volcano at night. I was indeed fortunate in seeing the lava flow with my naked eyes. The sight was simply incredible. The following day I returned to my hotel. This was the high point of my trip to Costa Rica. I suggest that do consider seeing the Arenal Volcano while visiting the country. You would love this!


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