Monday, 20 May 2013

My Trip to Gibraltar

About Gibraltar- the tiny British colony of Gibraltar, nicknamed Gib to the locals, or even the rock. The impressive silhouette dominates the strait between Spain and morocco; it was once one of the Pillars of Hercules, marking the western limits of the known world and in an ace position commanding the narrow pathway between the Mediterranean and Atlantic oceans. I like to think of Gibraltar as Britain, but with a suntan, how it should be. There are double decker buses, policemen in traditional helmets and even the bright red mail boxes. Gibraltar was ceded to Britain way back in 1713 and Spain have been trying to claim it back ever since, but recently Spain and Britain have been having talks about a joint angle-Spanish sovereignty, imagine that all the humble trinkets of Britain with the prowess of Spain. The best thing about coming to Gibraltar is the fact you don’t have to exchange anything, everything is in pound coins!

Coming ashore- as you can probably tell, I came to Gibraltar on a cruise holiday a few months ago, I am determined to come back again, hopefully on Cunard’s queen Victoria in 2014 . Gibraltar has a dedicated cruise terminal in the commercial port. There are a range of facilities, a bar, a cafĂ©, a souvenir shop (in case you’ve forgot a present for your mum on the way home!), an information desk, a bank and currency exchange and loads more, everything is here really if you have forgot anything or are in desperate need for something! It’s a straight walk into the main part of Gibraltar or take a taxi if you’re feeling lazy for around £2.40 a pickup and 15p per 200m, about the cost of an average taxi in the U.K!

What to do in Gibraltar - Gibraltar has a crazy mount of things that you can do, for such a small place, the two places that I like the best are- visit the Barbary macaques! These little monkeys are the most annoying, mischievous, cutest little things on the planet; you instantly fall in love with them. It is said that as long as the apes stay in Gibraltar, Britain will own the rock. You can feed them at either 8 or 4, where they will climb over you, be warned though, hold onto your handbags and try to avoid sunglasses etc. as they may decide to steal them! They are cheeky little creatures.

I love to take the cable car up to St Michaels cave, its super relaxing and thrilling at the same time. As soon as you can even see a glimpse of Gibraltar you notice the huge cliff and you instantly want to go onto the top (well I do anyway!) with views of Spain and Africa from the rocks pinnacle, I don’t think you can get a better view even if you tried, super romantic too.

Where to eat in Gibraltar- food in Gibraltar is amazing, imagine the belly of an Englishman, with the culinary skills of a Spanish man. There are two places that you must go to the first is called 14 on the quay and the second sacarello’s.

14 on the way is a new restaurant and are very sophisticated. The menu changes with the seasons, but starters such as lemon risotto and seared scallops and mains like roasted wild boar and the good old fashioned bubbled and squeak is all served throughout the year. The dessert here is the reason I’d come back, the creamy malt flavoured mousse with a chocolate crust and shortbread was sublime.

Sacrellos is Right Off Main Street, it is renowned for its exquisite coffee and cakes and for its awesome adjacent restaurant. There is a lavish daily salad buffet, as well as baked potatoes filled with many things, pan-fried noodles with broccoli, chicken, mussels etc., you could have the rack of lamb with wine and fine herbs. To end you must have a coffee with cream and vanilla, I don’t know what they do to it, but in my opinion, it’s the best coffee in the world. It looks like a traditional British pub with all the cosy fittings you’d expect.

Overall Gibraltar is the perfect home from home, it’s like Britain, but with added little extras like the sun, the sea and the views.


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