Monday, 27 May 2013

The Horse Riding is Something Has Always Interested Humanity

The horse riding is something has always interested humanity, we have many manuscripts left by those who were interested in horse riding, mainly military or knights, dating back as early as 1350 BC with the manuscript "The care and feeding of horse chariot". The eldest manual is "About horse" of Xenophon. Analyzing the Greek and Roman history we find that knowing how to “Equitare” was an added value to rise in society, so Knights gained a certain nobility, and as consequence nobles were forced to learn to ride a horse to participate in the political and military life. The demonstration of the importance of knowing how to ride a horse at that time, is given us by the huge amount of in-depth texts on the subject, but with the advent of the internal combustion engine the relationship between man and horse changed greatly, as well at the beginning the 900 humanity stopped using horses to war and riding became a recreational and sport activity.

We can roughly define the following types of horse to be ride:
Work: this includes all the types of riding a horse carrying a type activities working for the breeding of cattle are mainly: American Cowboys’ Western; Butteri Maremmani from Maremma and Vaquera of the Spanish and Argentine gaucho.

Sports or English: includes those types of mounts that have to do with sports and the Olympic disciplines such as show jumping, dressage, cross country, endurance.

Riding classical equestrian art: that goes back to riding as the written texts of the old masters tells.

The main gaits of the horse are:
The pace is slower gait of the horse. The horse brings forward the whole body by performing a vertical movement with the neck and rests limbs one at a time, one after the other, so as to recognize four strokes. The step can be long or short; it can be distinguished by the fact that the socket back rests on the clue left by the front hoof, while the long wheelbase rests in front of the hoof clue rear of the front.

The trot is a gait to jump in two times, at this pace the horse reaches a speed that varies from 10 to 55 km / h.

The gallop is actually the fastest pace in three steps with variations relating to speed.

You can do many things riding a horse: there are sports as Polo, rehabilitation after injuries, help people with difficulty socializing with other people such as those suffering from Asperger's syndrome, have fantastic safari holidays and many other holidays’ type.

Many horses’ owner develop a very strong relationship with their horse: they talk, hug and take care personally of the horse needs. Of course if you live in a city you have to leave your horse in a stable with someone who will feed and keep your horse clean. A horse is not exactly what we call a pet. Never less as I said before very strong relationship often born between the horse and its rider.

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