Wednesday, 14 August 2013

5 Funny Things To Do In London

London is brimming with funny things to do – so, deciding what to do when only given a little time can be an understandably quite challenging task! We have scoured hundreds of options for the top five fun things to do in this electrifying city … let the Queen and Big Ben enjoy their tea time while we head out into the English metropolis for some fun.
Night Fun at the London Zoo
Once the sun sets over London, a new day starts for the night animals of the London Zoo. Check out their website for their Late-Night Openings. If you have ever been slightly frustrated by seemingly vacated enclosures because the inhabitants do not even think of setting foot outside before sunset – this is your chance to catch a glimpse of those shy night creatures.
Fun Events at the Hammersmith Apollo
The great Hammersmith Apollo is a decadent venue that started off as a cinema is now one of the biggest entertainment houses in London Many big names and great artists have been smitten with the attractively contradictory Art Deco charms of the place and VIPs and comedians from around the world are queueing up to eventually get a pass of the microphone as well.

Outdoor Fun with Parkrun
Like some exercise, but don’t like running by yourself? Join a parkrun! Parkrun organise 5km timed runs on a weekly basis all around the world, that is, also in several locations in London – and the best: it’s completely free! Everyone can join, just register online, chose your favourite location and off you go! A personalized bar code helps you keep track of your times, medical aid bonus points and much more.

Fun Art in the Carpark
Who said that museums and art galleries have to be places of hushed, quiet behaviour. We think this is a huge contradiction and want to send you to “Bold Tendencies”. Hannah Barry launched this alternative art place in 2007 on the roof of an old multi-storey car park in Peckham. Enjoy beautiful outdoor sculptures with a cool drink at the Campari bar, which very conveniently happens to be there as well.

Fun Dining in Odd Places
Boring old dinner needs to be spiced up a little? London offers lots of fun places for culinary adventures and a quirky scenery. At the Circus, for example, you get acrobats swinging over your meals and fire-eating dancers literally lighten up the atmosphere. If you are more on the musical side, you might enjoy Sarastro, an opera-themed restaurant with performances accompanying your meal. Or try Bunga Bunga, where you enter through an original Italian phone box and leave as Michelangelo himself.


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