Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Seoul - The city of Museums

Seoul is the capital and the largest metropolitan area of South Korea. It is situated in the North West part of South Korea. The city is famous as a city of museums. The destination boasts of more than 100 museums. The place is best for the winter season as summers are extremely hot and humid.

This city was not new for me as I had visited last year also during my winter vacations. It was a four days trip, and we all enjoyed it thoroughly. My family and me, we all love to travel to different places of the world. Hence, we are always looking for offbeat destinations. We are keen to explore the new places in this world. This time we chose Seoul as our destination. The trip was an ultimate experience.

Though the place for the trip was decided, but the main task still remained, and that was the reservations and bookings of flights and hotels. To be very frank, booking of flight tickets was the most difficult, and time consuming part of our whole trip. We don’t want some last minute hurry so we decided to book tickets in advance. All information of flight was gathered by us, but we were in need of some cheap tickets. As the budget was set aside by our family, and we had to enjoy this vacation within that limit, we started looking for cheaper options. We inquired about Flights to Seoul like British Airways and found some airlines tickets for a cheap price, but their services were extremely poor.

We came to know through a family friend that few leading airlines ply Cheap Flights to Seoul. As it was the vacation time and flights were full of the crowd, and that was the difficult task still we tried for our booking. By reference of some known person, we were able to buy cheap tickets to Seoul.

After a long and hectic process of booking finally we reached our destination. After reaching there, we had a great feeling of relaxation. First we reached the hotel and, after getting fresh we started our journey. Seoul is popular by the name of “city of Museum”. We found a number of museums there.

Myeongdong Nanta Theater was the first place where we visited. There we go through from an ultimate show performed by talented Korean group. I must say it was an incredible experience.

The War memorial of Korea was the next place which we experienced during this trip. That was a historical place. Here, we saw the military equipments used by soldiers in war. The place teaches us about the Korea’s history of War. In addition, we visit few more fascinating places of this destination and that was a marvelous experience of my life.

The city Seoul is popular for its Museums. Tourists can found more than 100 museums in that city. The city is known as the “home of Museums”. That is the best historical place and history lovers surely love that place.

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